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Beware the hobby that eats.

Software Projects


Sometimes it's fun to just make something work. I prefer to do it with computers.



I am very much a want-to-be runner. I'm working on the half marathon.

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Visiting other countries are among my favorite memories.

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NCAA Football

The South is football country, and there is nothing like game day. Roll Tide Roll.

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It's strange how reading is never at the top of the list until you find the right book.

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I wouldn't consider myself a die-hard, but I keep up with trends and what silicon valley is up to.


Vivaria comprises four projects.

IoT Devices

Internet connected devices take sensor data and report it to a cloud service.


Phone and tablet apps get notifications and facilitate anytime/anywhere monitoring.


The cloud service is composed of an application, API, and database.

Web Application

A website for administering accounts, reviewing device data, and updating services.

Project Summary

Vivaria is an environment management system for pet enclosures. Keep your pets safe and thriving.

Monitor temperature, humidity, and other environmental conditions in a pet enclosure as well as remotely control devices such as lamps and fans.

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